3 Tips To Get Fast Credit For Small Business3 Tips To Get Fast Credit For Small Business

When a business goes well, the number of customers and orders increases and the need arises to expand the company, either by optimizing production or by expanding the business. At this time, many entrepreneurs face the need to seek quick credit to implement the expansion plans.

For this, there are several loan options for the entrepreneur to choose, including online. However, your decision must be made according to the benefits and advantages of each one, opting for the one that best meets the needs of your business.

To help with your choice, we’ve listed three ways to get fast credit for your business and ensure your business grows! Check out:


The National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) offers small entrepreneurs financing of working capital and / or investments for production, such as civil works, purchase of inputs, materials, machinery and equipment. The transaction is done by operators , spread across the country.

The amount granted and the interest rate are defined by the operator, considering the type of business and the investment requested. To be eligible for financing, the entrepreneur may be a natural or legal person, with gross revenue equal to or less than R $ 360 thousand per year.

The fees are not usually high, however, this type of loan is very restrictive for business and is not always simple to achieve due to lengthy and bureaucratic processes.

2. Peer to peer credit online

One option for BNDES microcredit is to seek funding from online institutions. This procedure is relatively new in Brazil and may generate some doubts. However, its benefits are enough to show the advantage of using this type of loan .

The name peer to peer stands for person-to-person loan, meaning that in this loan model, individuals or companies with standing capital invest in other companies that need capital to grow their business.

The process is done totally online, quickly and simply, by means of a registration of the enterprise. It is possible to simulate the loan and evaluate the options available over the internet. In addition, the advantages of this model are:

  • interest rates up to 70% lower than in banks;
  • unsecured loan;
  • you do not have to go to the place to negotiate;
  • security through the use of state-of-the-art technology;
  • be financed by market investors.

3. Microcredit from private banks

Dollar Money

Finally, it is possible to seek loans from private banks through microcredit programs for legal entities. Usually, this option presents higher interest rates and is more demanding in relation to the documents and guarantees for the granting of credit, but still represent a possible channel for the more traditional entrepreneur.

It is possible to find different programs aimed at the small entrepreneur in the banking institutions, which offer not only the loan amount but also management orientation, with the focus on guaranteeing the success of the investment.

These are the three simplest ways to get fast credit without compromising your business results. Always remember to evaluate the real need for an external investment and your conditions to pay the financing, considering deadlines, rates and the financial health of the business.

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